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A bit about James

Having experienced low self-esteem and confidence, and suffering with high anxiety, stress and depression for much of his life, James realised he needed to ask for help. Having found this in 2007, James went on to create a much better life and personal success. 
James trained under leading therapists and trainers including Dr Joe Keaney (ICHP), Peter George (ICHP Australia, Deborah George (Health & Lifestyle Counselling Australia), Megan Cowan (Co-Founder of Mindful He has also studied renowned teachings from the likes of; Carl Rogers, Carl Young, Milton Erickson, Richard Brandler, Fritz Perls, Sigmund Freud, Jon-Kabatt Zinn, Dr Dan Siegel and many more inspiring teachers. 
Using all of his training and experience in evidence-based therapies, James has well over 2,000 hours face to face experience helping real people with real problems to create better lives. He also has well over 40 years facing his own personal life challenges. This gives him a vast knowledge of the mind and how we can suffer, and the possibilities for breaking through and overcoming your challenges, moving forward to create a better lifeyou’re your own personal success

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Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy & Health & Lifestyle Consulting
Specialising in Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Experienced working with Adults & Children
We assist with the many different challenges that life may bring

Self Confidence
Weight Loss
Sexual Issues
and much much more

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Just Some of what Our Clients say: 

I was suffering with depression, riddled with anxiety, really insecure and no self worth, I have no found myself, I found peace and I realise I am Ok. Martin

​​We brought our son to James as he had been ill and had developed a nervous habit of coughing continuously from the minute he woke every day. This went on for months, it was very distressing for our son and also for ourselves. We brought our son to James on the recommendation of a good friend and after one session our son was 80% better and after the second session he was completely free of this nervous habit. We also found that our son’s confidence has grown immensely and that he seems happier in himself. We highly recommend James . Jess

I was feeling very anxious for a long time and couldn't seem to get a handle on it. James did some Counselling and Hypno-Psychotherapy with me over 4 sessions. I found I learned the tools to deal with this very distressing feeling. I even now still listen to the MP3s that he sent me. I find that I am now dealing with day to day stresses much better since . Thanks James. J

James has been wonderful in helping our family. Our daughter who had sleep problems and anxiety. She never had a proper nights sleep since she was a very young baby. Now that is no more and she has slept so well since we went to the API Clinic. We will never be able to thank James enough for giving us all our lives back and giving us a Happy, Contented Daughter. T & D

New Sports Mind Development

This is ideal for everyone. This programme is developed for everyone & anyone. Whether you are training just for your own health right up to competitive Athletes 

James P White (A.D.I.C.H.P)

  We help with overcoming Anxiety, Stress, Depression

If you are Feeling Anxious or Depressed ?   Are you finding it tough ?   Perhaps life is beginning to feel like a struggle ? Maybe your having trouble sleeping ? 

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​​Hypno-psychotherapy & Children

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Mindfulness Courses and Self Development 

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