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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)  


* What is Hypnosis ?  

Hypnosis is a nice peaceful, relaxed state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion.  


*Are there some who can’t be hypnotised ? 

NO. (Except those who may have medical mental problems)   

*Am I Asleep ?

No you are simply deeply relaxed. All hypnosis is self hypnosis or conscious hypnosis.

*Will I know what’s happening ?

YES, you are in control and will be aware at some level what’s taking place. You will remember similar to what you would remember from a normal conversation as such.

* Can you control my mind ?

Absolutely not, you are in total control at all times. This is a common misconception from the stage performances, and which they are as they are Performances.                                  

*Is there anything to be worried about ?

Not at all, Hypnosis is a proven therapeutic aid.  There is no need for worry as you and your therapist are both there to assist you with your challenges.


*How many visits will I need ?

The simpler problems like stop smoking, nail biting, exam nerves etc 1-3 sessions.

The more deep rooted nervous disorders will require analysis and usually takes between 8-12 sessions. 

*Can Hypnosis help children ?

Yes in fact children accept hypnosis easier than adults and with great results .

*Can “Normal” people undergo Hypno-psychotherapy and psychoanalysis ?

Not only can they, but they should because it gives you an insight into yourself, there is no equal.

*What are the Cost's ?

Remember this is an investment into your wellbeing and for your own benefit. its not a magic wand or a quick fix and can take time and effort for both you and your Therapist.

Here at the API Clinic our goal is to help and assist as many people as we can, and make therapy available to everyone that we can, therefore there will be a plan that will suit your needs, just contact us and we will discuss this in person with you.

We do make allowences for those on low income as well.